Iclamic Monotheism using Cu

Cu is Dev of The Cosmos, and has no cogod.

It uses contemporary language. One should listen to The Elite, and not follow Troll The Shaytan, like Azhons.
One should is aware of The Day Of Trial, where one tested according to ones actions.

And Gamers are violaters of netiquette, spending times with games alone, and probably piracy, and related culture of disbelief, and mindgames.

I use this on my project BiT, Haqon from Hyperia.

It is about San Culture. Really indicating Net Sans. (“Mr or Ms etc netizens”)

It has basis in that Norway was originally called Hyperia, after Manu (Adams) God. And rebel colonies, that went against them, and their Sha.

Where this monotheism abstracts away from suboptimal constructs, which really is necessary here, and optimal psychology.

Hail Cu, The Great, The Good.