My translation of the Quranic prayer

The Quran was delivered from Yibril to Muhammad, From Cyn, in the month of Ramadan. I´ve looked a bit at the arabic Quran, and tried to translate the prayer.

Romanic Arabic:

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim
Alhamdulillah Rabb Al Alamin Al Rahman Al Rahim
Malik Yawm Ad Din
Iyaq Nabudu Wa Iyaq Nastainu
Ihdin Al Sirat Al Mustakim
Sirat Alladin Anamta Alayhim
Ghayr Al Magdhub Alayhim
Wala Al Dalina

For Cu, The Great, The Good
Hail Cu, Dev Of The Cosmos, The Great, The Good
Ruler on The Day of Doom
You only we worship, and You only we ask for help
Guide us in the right path,
The path of those you have favoured, not of those who have earned your wrath,
and not of those who have strayed.

For Cu, Den Gjeve, Den Gode
Pris Cu, Boss Over Kosmos, Den Gjeve, Den Gode
Hersker på Dommedag
Deg alene tilber vi, og deg alene spør vi om hjelp
Led oss på den rette vei,
Veien til de som du har velsignet, ikke til de som har fortjent din vrede,
og ikke til de avsporede.