Al Haq is a name of The God from The Quran. “Hackers” or really correctly Haqons, meaning follower ot The Truth, here also the name of the adherant, used this, as part of the hippie generation spirituality. Their peace symbol may indeed indicate suggesting to do so.

Which resulted in Emo rock, in the 80s. No doubt influenced by Iclam.

I was an early indie artist, using on a “tracker”, as macot for what is now known as the Open Source movement.

It had influences from the C64, where game programmers had pushed the abilities of this computer, often beyond what was though spec. Dreaming of things like Irix. The derivaties of the music application Soundtracker, was much like how it would have been on Irix. The development of loading and saving “modules”, a file including playback information and samples, was really inspired by that.

And it moved to electronic genres, melodic techno, and multichannel audio, more than the Amigas 4-channel Paula chip, accessible via MIDI.

And the main development was a version of mystical trance, simply called Trance.

It became a very popular genre, now even associated with Group Therapy.

And I might add, Coconut Cider 7% would be the best theraputic agent on the weekends aswell, based on what I have seen here.