Bell Labs, Unix, Haqon, Open Source, Cu X

Unix was developed by Bells Labs engineers Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. It went Open Source, and continued developement as a public project.

And they were known as “hackers”. Haqon really meaning follower of The Truth, and also is the name of the adherant here.

I tested open source to see what quality it had.

And I did a low-jitter kernel. One needs to measure actual framejitter here though, to understand it.

It did Doom 3, which I used for testing, in 72.7 FPS (low psychovisual noise refresh rate). Which John Carmack said was a difficult case, and that 30 FPS was regular on this. Reprioritizing (renicing) X (window system) was also needed for this. This was much better than windows at the time.

And tried realtime threads with audio, that made 0.33ms audio latency possible.

In these days the Linux kernel has gotten many more realtime components. And has the EEVDF scheduler coming. It all seems very optimal if one likes low-jitter computing. (No interruption, but smooth flow of operation).

From what I understand one can prioritize interrputs aswell with that, getting even better results.

For a desktop PC, one may argue that 200µS jitter, is close to optimal.

It could be a social O S, with file publishing and file commentary, integrated with online payment methods, supporting a republican development.

And common inner loop C functions could be accelerated on CPU.

And “files” that unix is oriented around are originally information files. After all a good information OS would be the ultimate development of Adams tablet. The wording “file oriented” these days are freshened up as “Bitstream oriented”.

Cyn is a widely used concept in electronics aswell.

I suggest Cu X, as a name (and design concept) for an Open Source O S.