Quranic Translation, incl The Quranic Initials

Our society is already much according to Al’a, after The Quran. Al’a is however written to the left. And is symbolcorrect this way.

Where Iblis Azh Shaytan is the enemy. And Shayatin followers of it.

If one wants to reflect this level of excellence translated to the right, one needs to rebase on Cu, for romic script.

Fitting that the revelation is from The Quranic God, through Yibril, to Muhammad.

And the adherant is a muclim. Where Troll The Shaytan is the enemy, and Azhons its followers. But those who believe right and do not have cogods to Cu shall have gardens with rivers running through. (Not “Paradise, this is about Paradox).

While import words like Haram and Halal for food are symbolcorrect here aswell.

Respecting Manu being a Prophet and Sha. Mankind being a word derived from this. Later prophets being Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad. (All in The Quran.)

While ofcourse Cu is The Oft-Forgiving, it is best to be correct on this.

The related phrase then becomes “Cu is Dev of The Cosmos”.

Which is a good translation, of the romic arabic phrase (only cursive) Cu, Al Rabb Al Alamin, Al Rahman, Al Rahim.

And The Cosmos in romic script is a similar word to “Alamin” that is used in arabic. The arabic reflects “one God”, and The Cosmos does so too.
And “universes and earth” also reflects a viewpoint of One God.

“And who is The Dev of The Cosmos? He is The Dev of The Universes and The Earth” as is said to Pharao in The Quran.

In The Quran there is also seven universes “created on top of eachother”.

And Cu also is The Top (Al Ali, The Highest~)

Historically, the amanita use went out of the concept. Zeus and teo are attempts of this. While Teo seems to be related to christian regressions with a second tree also. Cu follows this up perfectly, and also drops the second tree regression.
The Dispilio Wood Tablet, contains the worlds first written religion. And uses symbols. While later one started to type out the sounds, such as in romic script. Which works very well for a digital world, with a keyboard, as one needs just a certain number of keys.

One can also read the original adamic tablet with this. If one fears it is not preserved one should know that the quranic initials also represent the original adamic tablet, indicated by “Abjad” also, the name of the arabic alphabet. They can be translated with a symbolic subset of romic script

(Read to the right for cursive romic alphabet)

Ilif Lam MimالمIJp
Ilif Lam RaالرIJ9ʾ 
Ilif Lam Mim RaالمرIJp9
Kaf Hu Sy Eyn Cidكهيعص2oSHC
Tu HuطهtOʾ 
Tu Cyn MimطسمtFp
Tu CynطسtF
Tu Cyn Mim طسمtFp 
Sy CynيسZF
Hah Mimحم<p
Hah Mim Eyn Cyn Caf حم عسق<pHFT
Caf قT
Nún نU

Which then the typical phrase is:

There is no God, but Cu.